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A Veteran-Owned Business
Sentinel Defense LLC is a Veteran owned and operated company consisting of a team of professional operators and trainers. Our staff is dedicated to provide Highly Trained competent Domestic Protection Personnel, managers, Investigators and Trainers. Our group consists of Military Veterans, Civilian and Military Law Enforcement Personnel, structural and personal Security Specialists. 

We are recognized by the State of Michigan as an in-service Law Enforcement training provider. We conduct basic and advance weapons skill development for the armed professional, law enforcement officer, Civilian Security forces and the Military.  
Our instructors have been recognized as SME’s and have been consulted to develop standards in training.  

We provide personal and organizational emergency preparedness, mitigation and response protocol training and seminars. Tactical Trauma first Aid, Basic and advanced handgun and long gun skill development just to name a few.

Our Mandatory intensive eighty hour Domestic Protection Specialist course covers many topics and ensures our team members competency and tactical proficiency across the broad spectrum of domestic operations.
"Defending America one Citizen at a time"
United States Marine Core
National Rifle Association
U.S. Army